September 18 COVID-19 Advisory Task Force Update

by | Sep 18, 2020 | COVID-19

September 18 COVID-19 Advisory Task Force Update. 

Red means stop, as it did six months ago when COVID-19 shut down Dallas County and much of the state and nation.

And orange, the current Dallas County threat level?

The county says it means “extreme caution.”

We take it as a hopeful sign that conditions have finally improved a bit after more than six months of red “stay home” guidance.

It’s not a green light to get back to business as usual. But it does bring with it a welcome change at Wilshire.

We have developed guidelines for small-group gatherings in designated spaces of the church. The maximum number of participants is 10 for now. It will increase as the threat level decreases.

Those indoor provisions are in addition to outdoor meeting guidelines that will allow us to take advantage of the cooler fall weather to meet safely in person.

We’ll continue to monitor guidance from Dallas County health officials and embrace our obligation to keep you and our community safe by following the SEE principles introduced in July. We want gathering at Wilshire to be a Safe Experience for Every Body.

Participant guidelines pdf documents below for safe outdoor and small-group indoor gatherings:

INDOOR group participants guide

OUTDOOR group participants guide