Music at wilshire

An expression of joy.

At Wilshire, music is not something only a few gifted people do; it’s an expression of joy for the entire congregation as we sing together great hymns of the faith old and new. Wilshire’s music ministry offers choirs, ensembles and opportunities for every age group, from preschoolers to senior adults.

Sanctuary Choir

Sanctuary Choir is a group of talented singers who rehearse and sing in worship most every week. Singing a wide variety of sacred music, the group also presents concerts and sings for other special programs. In recent years Sanctuary Choir has:

Performed a premiere of Howard Goodall’s “The Spring of the Water of Life” commissioned to celebrate George Mason’s 30th anniversary as Wilshire’s pastor.

Performed John Rutter’s Requiem in a concert raising more than $4,000 for the nonprofit Grief and Loss Center of North Texas.

Recorded a CD titled Prayers We Love.

This choir is open to any interested adult, with rehearsals on Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Choral Hall. No audition required. Contact Minister of Music Ariel Merivil to learn more.


Nova is a smaller, auditioned adult choral ensemble co-directed by Mike Capps and Candy McComb. This group sings in worship several times a year. Rehearsals are held just prior to a performance, with singers arriving ready to sing. Contact Candy McComb to learn more or audition.

New Song

New Song is a senior adult community choir that meets at Wilshire on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. It is open to any interested adult ages 60 or older and draws participants from other churches as well as Wilshire.

Visit the New Song website >

Youth Choir

Wilshire’s Youth Choir, one of the strongest in the region, is open to all students in grades 7 through 12. Youth Choir sings monthly in worship and travels for a concert and mission tour each summer. Students in grades 9 through 12 can audition for Shekinah, a smaller youth choral ensemble. Youth Choir and Shekinah meet Sundays in Choral Hall after worship and a quick snack lunch. Contact director Jeff Brummel.

Children’s Choirs

Wilshire provides a loving, safe and nurturing space for children to learn the foundations of healthy singing, music reading, hymn singing and worship in the enriched social setting of a choir where they can experience friendship and be involved in community. Through music, we learn how God shows his love for us, how we can love God, how we can care for the world around us and how to love and minister to others. Wilshire’s choirs for children in kindergarten through grade 6 meet on Sundays after worship. The kids enjoy a free snack lunch in Community Hall before meeting from 12:15 to 1 p.m.

Preschool Music, Missions & More

Preschoolers age 3 and 4 engage in age-appropriate music and other activities on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. during the school year. These preschool choirs provide quality music instruction and opportunities for cooperative musical experiences with others. They perform for parents once each semester. 

Contact Candy McComb for more information about music for children and preschoolers.

Wilshire Winds

Wilshire Winds is an all-volunteer ensemble of woodwind, brass and percussion players. The group plays in worship once a month and usually presents one or two concerts a year. No audition necessary; all skill levels are welcome. Rehearsals are held Monday nights at 7 in Choral Hall. Contact director Shana Gaines for more information.

Carillon Ringers

Carillon Ringers is Wilshire’s adult handbell choir. Playing up to seven octaves of handbells, this group rehearses on Sunday afternoons and plays once a month in worship. This group is always looking for subs for occasional rehearsals or Sunday mornings. If you have handbell experience or can read music, please let us know. Wilshire also offers a handbell group for those with little or no experience. Contact Handbell Coordinator Ralph Manuel for more information.

Sanctuary organ

Wilshire uses a pipe organ in worship for the same reason churches have used them for centuries: no other instrument is as effective in the support of congregational and choral singing. Our organ, completed in 2004, was designed and built especially for Wilshire by the Schantz Organ Company of Ohio. Each of the organ’s 4,594 pipes is an individual windblown instrument designed for our Sanctuary. The largest pipe is 16 feet long and more than 9 inches in diameter, while the smallest are the size of a common pencil. Sixteen ranks from our previous organ were incorporated into the new instrument, providing a connection to Wilshire’s musical heritage. For more information, contact Associate Minister of Music and Organist Jeff Brummel.

Wilshire organ playlist on YouTube >