A note from the COVID-19 Task Force

by | Jul 29, 2022 | COVID-19

A note from the COVID-19 Task Force.

Dallas County Health and Human Services raised its COVID-19 risk level to orange, signifying the public to proceed with extreme caution as it relates to COVID-19. Using its own criteria, the Centers for Disease Control raised the county’s risk level to red on July 14. While we are not, at this time, making any policy changes, we thought it prudent to continue to share a few gentle reminders. 

Most important, if you are feeling unwell, please err on the side of caution and stay home. While wearing a mask at Wilshire remains optional, doing so is perfectly reasonable and acceptable. Let’s remember to be respectful of everyone’s personal choices. If you have had a known exposure to the virus, the CDC recommends masking for 10 full days and testing after day 5. Some insurance plans, underneath the pharmacy benefit, will cover eight free at-home COVID tests per month. Check with your local pharmacy to see if you qualify. 

The use of high-quality masks when appropriate, physical distancing, staying home when feeling unwell and other interventions will help continue to curb transmission and especially protect those who are unvaccinated, unable to be vaccinated or who may be immunocompromised. 

The task force will meet again on August 9 to continue monitoring current conditions.