Wilshire Sings: Mystery and Miracle

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Wilshire Sings

By Candy McComb. 

The season of Advent. The season of song. Music and Christmas are inseparable; we hear these songs everywhere we go. As a musician, this is a beautiful and busy time, with both the celebratory songs and thought-provoking carols of this season among my favorites.

This Advent, Wilshire is singing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” as a response each Sunday morning. It’s one of our oldest Advent songs, with the chant-like tune dating to the eighth or ninth century. The melody moves from a haunting verse in a minor key to hopeful rejoicing as the refrain moves into a major key.

It speaks of the mystery and the miracle, the promises and prophecies. Come, Emmanuel, to ransom captive Israel; come, Dayspring, to disperse our gloom; come, Wisdom, to order all things; and come, Desire of Nations, to fill the world with heaven’s peace. This message is relevant today as the world longs for a path that leads from war to peace, darkness to light, stress to tranquility, promise to reality.

As you lift your voice in song, let these promises be fulfilled in you throughout Advent and in the new year to come.

■ Wilshire Sings is an occasional feature about our loved hymns and spiritual songs. Candy McComb serves on Wilshire’s music staff as children’s choir coordinator.