Wilshire Sings: Music helps form and reform faith

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Wilshire Sings

Today is Reformation Sunday, the day we remember the brave leadership of a Catholic monk who sparked a religious movement known as the Reformation in the year 1517.

That monk, Martin Luther, was an accomplished musician as well as a theologian. As the Reformation began, Luther was adamant that he write the hymns, as he felt that hymns would teach theology best. Information retention is always strongest when we learn with a little bit of fun. Music provides us that opportunity. Just think back to how you learned your ABCs!

It is our songs that help not only to deepen our faith, but also provide us comfort, and as minds sometimes are riddled with disease, music is often with us to the very end.

This year, our children’s choirs are learning our congregational songs that help us learn our faith and provide enrichment to our whole lives. Some of these songs include “O How I Love Jesus”; “Great is Thy Faithfulness”; and “Holy Spirit” (from our youth department). Will you join us as we learn these songs more deeply?

■ Wilshire Sings is a new occasional feature about our loved hymns and spiritual songs.