Wilshire Antiracism Videos and Articles

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Antiracism

Videos and written resources from Wilshire

George Mason on death of George Floyd and protests

George Mason: Racism is America’s original sin

Mark Wingfield: Bible study on Responding to Racism

Artcle: Mark Wingfield: Racists Don’t Get to Determine Who’s Racist

Article: Mark Wingfield: Why White Clergy Must Say ‘Black Lives Matter’

George Mason on Confederate monuments:

George Mason on police, race, skin color and the church

George Mason addresses the killing of Botham Jean

George Mason on after-effects of Botham Jean trial

George Mason on justice and forgiveness in Dallas

George Mason: A Lesson from Emmitt Till’s Mother

George Mason on idolatry, ideology and racism

George Mason on NFL and the National Anthem

George Mason on white supremacy and violence

A Conversation on Race and Film with Greg Garrett:

Article: Mark Wingfield: Three Words for the Church in 2019: ‘We Were Wrong’

Article: Mark Wingfield: We Need to Talk About Oppression, Not Just Privilege

Article: Mark Wingfield: How the Expectation Gap Creates Trauma for White Evangelicals

Article: Mark Wingfield: Hiding Behind the Flag

Article: Mark Wingfield: Before Criticizing the SBC on Race, Look in the Mirror

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