The Stewardship of Memory

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In conjunction with our fall stewardship emphasis, Wilshire members were asked to share a favorite Wilshire memory. We’ll keep this page updated as we receive more.

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My first memory at Wilshire was visiting in April 2016, right after I moved to Dallas. The pastor was out, and a young resident named, you guessed it, Timothy Peoples was preaching! I was impressed with his joy, enthusiasm and words of wisdom, and I learned that he too was from Oklahoma. I felt a kinship right away and made sure I met him after church. Then on the Sunday it was announced that Timothy was coming in view of a call, I literally danced with joy. —Vickie Conn

I have many favorite memories at Wilshire. My very first was being welcomed back to a Baptist church after being told I could no longer attend my church in Garland after my divorce in 1974. I was so overcome with emotion that first Sunday. I joined the next Sunday; I felt I was at home. —Jenyce Gush

I grew up Baptist but had been a Presbyterian for many years. When we visited Wilshire in 1980, it felt like coming home, and I still remember the joy when our family walked down the aisle together to join. —Linda Imhoof

Bob Lemon was a former 2nd Baptist Church member from Lubbock who lived in Dallas and was our acquaintance. He knew we were searching for a church and suggested we might like Wilshire. We dropped into a Sunday evening service in the fall of 1972 and almost instantly I began to feel I was in my church home. Nathan Stone was filling in for Bruce, and Bill James was leading the music. Tears began to fall and fell throughout the service. Needless to say, we joined as soon as we could say our goodbyes at our other church. And we still love, love Wilshire. —Shaeron Moorhead

I joined Wilshire shortly after my wife died. I missed her more than I thought I could miss anyone. Alas, along came the people of Wilshire. I recall their acts of acceptance, hospitality, encouragement, kindness and understanding. I came to the people of Wilshire as a broken and pain-stricken person. The care of my new church family began. I remember the faces and at least some of the names of those who loved and cared for me. The healing of a hurting heart continues. I am so grateful for the persons of Wilshire who have given me a new hope and a storehouse of consoling memories which money cannot buy. Thanks be to God! —Jim Hancock

I am a former Catholic who joined Wilshire in April 2000. I was baptized by George Mason. The following year, on St. Patrick’s Day 2001, George Mason married me to my ex-husband in McIver Chapel. We had 15 wonderful years after that marriage. In total we had 45 years together before he died. In July 2016, his Celebration of Life was held in the chapel with Mark Wingfield presiding. This Wilshire community has been beside me during good times and difficult times, for which I am forever grateful. —Ellen Mooney

Even though I didn’t grow up at Wilshire, I had family who were members for many years, starting with my grandparents, and then my mom and sisters. My favorite memory is a collection — a collection of times when Wilshire met me where I was, whether through Bible study, fellowship or in the music department. Each time I felt like I didn’t belong, I would open my mind and heart and see where God was directing me, and who he was putting in my path. —Michele Stinecipher

There is a basketball court in Kumasi, Ghana, called Wilshire Baptist Court that is a result of a Missions Plus grant. This basketball court and the Shoot 4 Life sports ministry impacts hundreds of kids and teens every week. —Chad Mustain

The baby dedications of all three of my kids. They’re all adults now and productive citizens of their respective communities. —Julie Girards

I remember Wilshire’s support of missions. When I was appointed to go to India for two years as missionary nurse, I was commissioned here. Wilshire also gave me a portable PA system which we used when we had services in the villages every week. —Linda Garner

My favorite memories of Wilshire so far … our boys vs. girls hunt for books of the Bible. One group would hide the names of the books, and the other group would find them, and then they would have to put them in order. Then they switch places. It’s fun to see. My other favorite memory is after my youngest accepted Jesus as his savior and we spoke with Pastor Tim about him being baptized. We had a great time getting to know him. —Jennifer Lovejoy

Preparing for Cooking Camp and all the planning that comes with that. Then seeing all that prep and planning pay off and watching the kids learn and have fun. And the satisfaction and feeling you get when you accomplish things. —Haley Robinson

Mission trips to the Valley or Delta from the ages of 8 – 14! They were a fun way to help our friends in need! —Virginia DeMent

My first memory of Wilshire was of its thoughtful care of its people during the pandemic. Watching on TV on livestream, it was a blessing to see a church take these matters so seriously valuing life. This spirit and attitude eventually led us to visit and then become members here in 4/2022. Thank you! —Kay Moore

The way so many have cared for our kids and us. From the meals to being a shoulder to cry on, to words of encouragement, to the treats. Wilshire has loved our family deeply. —Heather Mustain

I have been attending Wilshire for 18 years. It is a very special place, where I met my husband and found many Compass Class friends along the way. —Cindy Tibbals

So many memories — hard to narrow it down to one. I’ll pick one: Cynthia Clawson, Sanctuary Choir, me, Mark McKenzie. The presentation of “Home,” featuring my music. A very real example of how Wilshire has been so supportive of me and my music through the years. —George Gagliardi

We started attending Wilshire about 30 years ago, when our 3 kids were in preschool Sunday School. They went to VBS and camp and choir and every time I brought them to WBC it was knowing they were with friends. Now these “kids” are all adults. And their childhood friends are now our adult friends too. What a blessing. —Jeanne Spreier

– Easter Sundays when the shutters are thrown open.
– When George touched the salt to my lips when we joined — was not expecting it!
– Timothy’s openness in his “It’s Dark” sermon.
– The election to call Timothy — such unity of hearts and minds!
– When the organ is turned on Easter to be able to see Jeff’s amazing talent in the final voluntary.—Anonymous

I joined Wilshire 53 years ago. Favorite memories are:
– Waiting on the chancel to marry the man I had met in Wilshire’s Single Adult S.S. Class.
– The births, baptisms, pastoral and music residencies of our children Anne and Brad.
– Sitting in the doorway of our classroom each Promotion Sunday to welcome Wilshire’s new first graders.
– Standing in Wilshire’s parking lot, waiting to meet the truck that would deliver the shipment of Wilshire’s history book, Blest Be The Tie. Ever grateful. —Janice Jernberg

The photo shoot for the all-church “portrait” was scheduled for a Sunday worship service. As directed, the congregation gathered tightly across aisles and alcoves, peering ahead for proper camera placement. Suddenly, the side doors opened as preschool teachers, shepherding toddlers and bearing babies, took their places at the front. This unexpected inclusion of the “least of us” gladdened my heart, remembering Jesus’ words to his disciples: “Here is my family!” (Mark 3:34) —Carole Duval