Start to Finish Blog-November 1

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Stewardship

Start to Finish Blog – November 1

Did you ever start something but got distracted or busy and didn’t finish it? Or did you ever finish something and then look back at the start to realize there were moments when you didn’t think you’d make it? Or have you ever been in the big middle of something — a task or even a trip — and wondered, “Why did I agree to do this?” or, “When will this ever end?”

Some of us are starters, some are finishers, and some love the journey and work that comes between the two ends. But it takes all three — starting, doing and finishing — to achieve the goals and complete the projects that ultimately define us.

On Sunday, Nov. 8, we launch Start to Finish, an emphasis that highlights this journey we are on together as the people of Wilshire Baptist Church committed to “building a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” We’ve started so much together over the past 69 years — from new ways of being the church to new ways of serving the community — and the journey continues.

Last fall during our Generations emphasis, we were asked to commit ourselves to short-term individual and family goals for giving that in turn will help propel us together on this continuing journey. A lot has happened in our world since then; COVID-19 has brought changes and distractions that have impacted our personal plans. But the church hasn’t postponed its mission; even while the building has been closed, our ministries have continued. That has been possible because of the faithful “continuing” of individuals and families. Now, we need to make sure we stay on that course so that we can finish strong.

In the coming weeks, we will look closely at what it means to “start,” what is required to continue going “to” our goal, and what it takes to “finish” strongly. If we all do our part, we’ll get there together.