Realm is Coming

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Give and connect easier with new modern platform.

Wilshire’s current ACS and Access ACS databases will be converted to a new platform called Realm beginning July 19. The Realm platform will provide a modern feel for online giving and connection. 

Wilshire members and others with current logins set up in Access ACS will receive an invitation in the next two weeks to join Realm. If you routinely register for events or order Koinonia Cafe To Go through the church website, you’ll want to accept the invitation right away.

If you already have online giving set up through Access ACS, your giving information will transfer seamlessly and securely to Realm, and recurring contributions will continue uninterrupted. All you will need to do is accept the invitation to get started. 

Ease of online giving isn’t the only thing Realm offers. Realm presents a new platform to better connect with others in the church and within your classes and groups. Once you accept your invitation, you’ll be able to access the Realm site over the web and also on the Realm Connect mobile app. Stay tuned and read the Tapestry weekly to find out more as we roll out additional features in the coming weeks.

If you have issues or questions related to online giving, contact Lori Gooden at or 214-452-3131. For login issues and other questions, contact Susan Kimball at or 214-452-3108.