Preparing for Worship

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Preparing For Worship

Preparing for Worship – Abbey Adcox.


I have the privilege of writing this reflection from Denver as our Youth Choir participates in its first mission tour since 2019. I have known most of these youth since they were born. I have rocked them, played with them, taught them stories from the Bible and taught them the order of the books of the Bible. I’ve traveled to Passport Camp with many of them during their preteen years, and now I am spending the week with them as members of our Student Ministry.

I’m feeling the exhaustion of the 15-hour bus ride and the full days of service and fun. I’m relishing the opportunity to be with them and alongside them. I’m learning the rhythm of the evening gathering, and I’m listening to them sing songs that are dear to them but are fresh to my ears and heart.

This week we have reflected on where we have felt kinship, seen beauty, and which small moments will stay with us. Our answers are both personal and communal.

We have felt kinship in the welcome we received from Calvary Baptist Church, in the opportunities to spend time with someone we don’t yet know well and in the tears of gratitude from a Meals on Wheels client we served.

Beauty has been found all around us in sunrises, sunsets, snowcapped mountains and waterfalls. We have recognized our smallness amidst the expansiveness of God’s creation.

We have shared a multitude of small moments together. Moments sitting together at a picnic table in the evening air, contemplating art that challenges us and connecting with one another in conversation.

Wilshire, these youth are both so typical and so remarkable. They work hard and serve others well. They are confident in who they are and the expansiveness of God’s love. It is a joy and honor to know them.

This week, Darren has reminded us of Frederick Buechner’s words, “all moments are key moments and life itself is grace.” This morning as we worship, may we each recognize the small moments. May we savor the beauty of a particular verse or hymn lyric. May we celebrate our kinship as a family of faith. May we rest in the love of our awesome God.