New titles/roles for staff

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New titles and roles for Wilshire admin staff
Wilshire staff members formerly called administrative assistants will now hold the title of ministry assistant. This change was approved by the Personnel Committee on July 19. The committee also approved new job descriptions for several roles. The changes are the result of reorganizing done in the wake of Mark Wingfield’s departure and the naming of Heather Mustain, Darren DeMent and Doug Haney as associate pastors. Here are some of the changes Wilshire members should be aware of, as some responsibilities have shifted to new people:

Abbey Adcox

Two ministry assistants work in the areas overseen by Heather Mustain–Abbey Adcox and Barbara Clayton.

Abbey Adcox will provide support in the areas of missions and advocacy. Abbey also provides leadership to the Women of Wilshire (WOW!) Ministry and is coordinator for Marriage Connections.

Barbara Clayton

Barbara Clayton will provide support in the area of pastoral care, including the daily distribution of Care Notes. She is the first point of contact for all benevolence requests, and coordinates all hospitality ministry needs, including ushers and greeters. Barbara will also support Minister to Senior Adults Jessica Capps in the areas of homebound ministry and Wilshire Adventurers.

Carol Cabaniss

Carol Cabaniss is ministry assistant for areas overseen by Darren DeMent. She provides support in all areas of spiritual formation and education, including Sunday School for all ages as well as music and missions programming for preschoolers and children. 

MIchele Stinecipher

Michele Stinecipher is ministry assistant in the areas managed by Doug Haney. She provides support to the music staff in the area of music and worship, including producing the weekly worship order and enlisting worship leadership. Michele also supports Doug’s work in administration, coordinating human resources and benefits for all church employees.

Debby Burton

Debby Burton, as ministry assistant to Senior Pastor George Mason, will continue supporting George in all areas while adding responsibilities as coordinator of Wilshire’s Columbarium. Debby also works with Carolyn Murray in areas of outreach and new member assimilation. Debby continues as church clerk and supports the Lord’s Supper Ministry Team.

In other changes, Carolyn Murray’s title is now Coordinator of Congregational Life. Working under Heather Mustain, she will continue leading in outreach and new member assimilation and will serve as staff liaison to Committee on Committees and the Churchwide Social Committee. She will work with Abbey Adcox in leading the WOW! Ministry and will serve as staff liaison to Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS).

Mark McKenzie is working for the church as a contractor in the area of communications. His responsibilities include the weekly worship folder and Tapestry along with all social media, marketing and advertising for the church. He works with Systems Administrator Susan Kimball on the church website and weekly churchwide emails. Mark reports to Heather Mustain.