New associate pastor roles began July 1

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Changes to Wilshire’s staff precipitated by Mark Wingfield’s departure took effect on July 1. Heather Mustain, Darren DeMent and Doug Haney now hold the title of associate pastor and form a leadership team reporting to Senior Pastor George Mason. The three new associate pastors will continue to oversee their former areas of focus while adding new areas of responsibility.

As stated in the transition plan, which was announced in May, “This model will allow the three existing staff members to grow in their leadership roles in directions that fit their gifts, their sense of calling and the church’s needs. It will work to foster and model a collaborative decision-making process.”

Heather Mustain will continue to lead missions and advocacy efforts while also overseeing congregational life, pastoral care and communications. Specific programs now under Heather’s leadership include Committee on Committees, women’s ministry, outreach, new member assimilation, Stephen Ministry and Wilshire’s Parish Nurse program.

Darren DeMent will maintain leadership of Wilshire’s student and young adult ministries, and will newly coordinate spiritual formation and education for the church as a whole. This includes Sunday School for all ages, adult discipleship offerings, Wednesday Bible studies and the Wilshire library.

Doug Haney will still lead in the areas of music and worship, and will add responsibilities in administration and stewardship. Doug will oversee the church financial office, budgeting, human resources and personnel policies.

In addition, Wilshire member Mark McKenzie has begun work as a contractor in the area of communications.