Minister of Music Search Update

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Feature

The Minister of Music Search Committee met through the summer and is still in the process of seeking the right person. We used data from the focus groups and the congregational survey to evaluate the applications we received and wanted to share some of priorities that are guiding our search. These include:

  • Our congregation desires someone with a strong background and education in music who will be a minister for everyone, not just those involved in the music ministry.
  • Our ministry through music should continue to provide innovative and creative programming for all age groups. We are especially interested in finding ways to  increase the involvement of our preschoolers, children, youth and young adults.
  • Our congregation believes music complements the worship experience. We appreciate the current variety of musical genres, the various instruments used in worship, hymn singing and creativity in worship.
  • Our congregation desires someone who will value our past and build on the creativity we currently enjoy in our programming.
  • While there was not a strong preference for someone with a Baptist background, our congregation desires someone who has previous experience as a minister of music in a large urban church.

We narrowed the original field of applicants based on their qualifications and experience and the congregation’s priorities. We are continuing to have conversations with applicants and ask for your prayers as we seek God’s wisdom and guidance.

—Kevin Cabaniss, Lynette DeBose, David Duncan, Anne Foster, LeAnn Hampton, Mary Morgan, Timothy Peoples, Kristi Reavis, James Sobolik-Williams, Laura Summers, Melinda Thompson