March 17 Advocacy Update: Medicaid Expansion

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March 17 Advocacy Update: Medicaid Expansion. 

Associate Pastor Heather Mustain led the Christian Advocacy Committee’s final Wednesday Advocacy Update on March 17. Those gathered on Zoom viewed a presentation created by Texas Senator Nathan Johnson, D-Dallas, on the benefits of Medicaid expansion in Texas. The following points were gleaned from Johnson and other sources:


    • One out of every five Texans is uninsured.
    • Of those uninsured in Texas, 75% live in a household where at least one person is gainfully employed.
    • Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion opportunity, Texas has left close to $80 billion dollars on the table.
    • Thirty-eight other states have expanded Medicaid. Because Texans pay federal taxes, we are already paying for the program but are not reaping the benefits.
    • It is a jointly funded program (90% federal, 10% state).

If we expand:

    • We will recover the costs incurred through both savings and revenue.
    • It will reduce emergency room visits and help our hospital systems.
    • It will boost our economy.
    • Two-thirds of Texans support expansion.

Advocacy action items:

    • Follow SB 117 and SB 118. Both were filed by Senator Johnson and have been referred to the Health and Human Services Committee.
    • Help dispel myths as you hear them.
    • Call or write your representatives to find out their views on Medicaid expansion and to express your own.

Visit Senator Johnson’s website for helpful resources and a short video on Medicaid expansion:
If you are interested in additional information on Medicaid expansion, let Abbey Adcox know at