Jessica Capps to Retire

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Feature

Jessica Capps to retire.

Minister to Senior Adults Jessica Capps is retiring from Wilshire’s staff after 22 years of service. She will be recognized during worship on her last official day, Sunday, Sept. 18, and a reception will be held after worship in James Gallery.

Jessica says, “After long consideration and many conversations with Darren DeMent and George Mason, I have decided this is the appropriate time for me to retire and provide more loving care to my mother, who has advanced dementia. This has been a very difficult decision because I love Wilshire and have cherished the relations established with our senior adults and staff.”

Jessica joined Wilshire’s staff in 2000 as a part-time volunteer coordinator and director of new member assimilation. She also served as senior adult Sunday School coordinator before becoming Minister to Senior Adults in 2009.

Wilshire member Larry Link will serve as Interim Minister to Senior Adults. Larry, a recently retired minister with experience working with seniors, will oversee senior adult Sunday School, the Wilshire Adventurers and the monthly Lunch & Learn event. Wilshire member Pat Cullum will lead in the area of homebound ministry. The Personnel Committee will consider long-term solutions for staffing senior adult ministry.

Jessica says, “I am confident about the future of Wilshire and the care of our senior adults.” Jessica and her husband, Mike, plan to remain at Wilshire as members.