Irvin celebrates 15 years

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Tapestry News

Holly Irvin

August 1 is Holly Irvin’s 15-year anniversary as a member of Wilshire’s administrative staff. As hospitality manager, Holly manages the church calendar and coordinates with staff members in various disciplines to make sure all events in the building happen as planned. She is the main point of contact for the many outside groups who use the building for events such as recitals, banquets and meetings.

Holly began her Wilshire tenure working in the church’s copy and mail room. She then became education ministry assistant, a position she held about eight years before assuming her current role, which she helped design. “The challenge is what I really like,” Holly says of her work at Wilshire. “Each position has presented different challenges and has allowed me to build my skillset.”

Associate Pastor Heather Mustain says, “As the front line of contact to those who arrive to Wilshire, Holly meets each individual with care and compassion. There have been numerous times I’ve come down to respond to a benevolence call where Holly has already retrieved a hot cup of coffee or cold glass of water for the individual in need. She is patient and exhibits the ministry of presence in all she does.”

Holly, who lives in Duncanville, says she appreciates and feels like part of the Wilshire community even though she attends church closer to home. “I feel like we’re a family. Working at Wilshire has really helped me grow spiritually, and the relationships that have formed over these years have helped me to be who I am today.”

Heather Mustain continues: “Holly is an incredibly hard-working individual who navigates her job with grace and responsibility. She is dependable and I know for a fact that many of us look to Holly when we need to troubleshoot or are in need of support. She is a colleague, yes, but Holly is so much more to many of us. We are beyond lucky to have her as our hospitality manager.”