I Am Wilshire: Woody Woods

by | Jun 14, 2024 | I Am Wilshire

Hometown: Born in Baytown, Texas, and moved to Madisonville, Texas, after 8th grade;
Present City: Plano;
Education: BA in economics, Texas A&M University;
Profession: Casualty insurance premium audit manager, retired;

Tell us about your family.
Mary and I have been married for 53 years. We have two married daughters and four wonderful grandchildren. All four grandchildren are above average, just like all the kids in Lake Wobegon.

How about your volunteer life?
I currently volunteer with Friday Friends.

Any favorite hobbies?
I have been flying model airplanes since elementary school. Currently my interest is in gas and electric radio-controlled model airplanes and electric FPV drones. FPV drones are flown using an onboard camera and transmitter which sends a live picture to a set of goggles worn by the pilot. I also grow carnivorous plants.

What brought you to Wilshire and when?
We came to Wilshire in 2008. We were looking for a CBF church, and we found that and so much more. We loved the preaching, the music, singing from hymnals and the beautiful pipe organ. We joined the Compass Class, where we immediately experienced Wilshire’s welcoming spirit.

What has surprised you most about Wilshire?
At Wilshire it is OK to express your doubts and to ask and discuss hard questions.

Tell us about your faith journey.
I have been a Baptist all my life. I was born early on a Sunday morning. My grandfather had me put on the cradle roll at First Baptist Church, Baytown, Texas, by 9:45 that morning. I made my profession of faith at about age 12 at Wooster Baptist Church in Baytown. My mother and dad and my grandparents were all very active in the church. My dad was called to the ministry when I was in high school. I spent a lot of time in church during those years. My parents’ love of the church, by this I mean the people of the church, is something I will always remember and try to emulate. My faith journey has had ups and down over the years, but I am thankful we found Wilshire. We feel blessed to be here.

What’s something interesting most people would not know about you?
I have flown faster than the speed of sound. This happened when I flew a T-38 aircraft during USAF pilot training at Laredo AFB in 1967. I graduated in March 1967 in class 67F and went on to serve four years as a B-52 pilot. I flew 59 missions over Vietnam.