I Am Wilshire: R.G. Huff

by | Nov 3, 2023 | I Am Wilshire

Hometown: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee;
Present City: Waxahachie;
Education: Bachelor’s in biblical studies, Carson Newman University; master’s in church music/worship, Southwestern Seminary;
Profession: Retired from 48 years in local church music ministry; currently adjunct in College of Fine Arts at Dallas Baptist University;

Tell us about your family.
Carlita and I have been married for 31 years. We share her two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandsons ranging in age from 3 to 24.

How about your work or volunteer life?
I am the artistic director of Waxahachie’s Old-Fashioned Singing Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Southern congregational singing. Carlita and I also volunteer delivering food boxes with Waxahachie Care.

Favorite hobbies?
Writing, especially hymn and anthem texts. I’ve also branched out into some devotional book writing on the subject of hymn singing.

What are your favorite places to travel?
In the U.S., it would be San Diego. My favorite European destination is Volendam, Netherlands.

What brought you to Wilshire and when?
We were looking for a church that was more “us” in philosophy and practice: the preaching, the music, the use of hymnals in worship, the organ-accompanied singing, the open-to-all attitude.

Where are you engaged at Wilshire?
I sing in Sanctuary Choir, sub in Carillon Ringers and take on tasks as called upon. We help set up all the art exhibits, and I’ve enjoyed substitute teaching in a few Sunday School classes.

What has surprised you most about Wilshire?
How wonderful I feel every time I leave this place — fulfilled, renewed, inspired and always having learned something new about my faith-walk. It is such a comfortable place.

What do you think God is up to in your life right now?
Hopefully, I am finding myself useful in the work of the kingdom, even this late in my ministry life. I keep listening for God’s still, small voice whispering, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Tell us about your faith journey.
I grew up in a Christian home, attended a Baptist college and graduate school and spent my career in full-time ministry. It’s been a “Journey with Jesus,” all right! (Sounds like a VBS theme!)

Something interesting most people would not know about you?
Most people who’ve been around me much know that I lockered next to and marched in the drum line in high school with Dolly Parton. (She is NOT, by the way, adjunct teaching to pay her house payments!) I also love to ride roller coasters!

What adjectives best describe you?
Creative, funny. I’m known around here as the “hymn guy,” and I’m fine with that.

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