I Am Wilshire: Lee Terry

by | Oct 6, 2023 | I Am Wilshire

Hometown: Dallas;
Present City: Dallas;
Education: University of Nevada, Las Vegas; bachelor’s in theater production;
Profession: Stagehand;

Tell us about your family.
My wife, Emilee, and I live in Lake Highlands with our two kids. Michael, 6, and Lucy, 1. We live just a few miles from my parents, Steve and LuElla, who are also longtime Wilshire members.

How about your work or volunteer life?
I’m the head electrician at the Winspear Opera House. I work on the lighting for Broadway shows, ballets, concerts, operas and other events. I started doing this kind of work 20 years ago at Lake Highlands High School, and now I’ve lived and worked in Las Vegas and New York City.

Favorite hobbies?
I enjoy using my professional skills to build creative projects. Currently, I’m loving being a Den Leader in my son’s Cub Scout pack. I’m an Eagle Scout myself, and it’s great getting back out camping and hiking.

What brought you to Wilshire and when?
I was born into Wilshire. I’m third generation Wilshire, but after high school I moved away to Vegas and NYC for 10 years. When my wife and I came back in 2014, we tried finding a place at Wilshire, but it wasn’t the right fit for us at that time in our journey. Last Christmas Eve we brought our son, Michael, and he saw the other kids process in to set the nativity. He said he wanted to be part of that. So, I started bringing him on Sundays, and bit by bit the whole family has been brought back in.

Where are you engaged at Wilshire?
I’m part of Labyrinth Class, and I help with Faith in 3D.

What has surprised you most about Wilshire?
Its ability to grow and change. That’s a great lesson, that this church, like faith, is a living thing.

What do you think God is up to in your life right now?
Expansion. I feel like I got to a very comfy place with my faith, and I just settled into it and got into a routine with work and family, but over the last year God’s guided me to interact with new groups, break old routines and continue to grow.

Tell us about your faith journey.
In my years away from Wilshire my faith plateaued. I had a bit of a Rip Van Winkle situation, as if I was walking my faith path and saw a nice tree to sit under, and it was so nice I just stayed there for a while. Now I’m back up on my feet and traveling onward.