I Am Wilshire: LaVon Link

by | Jun 17, 2022 | I Am Wilshire

I Am Wilshire – LaVon Link.

Hometown: Muskogee, Oklahoma
Education: BA, elementary education
Profession: Kindergarten teacher and small business owner

Tell us about your family.
On May 29, Larry and I celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary. We have three adult children who live in Texas and Oklahoma. We have nine precious grandchildren and have recently added our first great granddaughter.

Tell us about your work or volunteer life
I taught kindergarten in private schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Arlington. I also owned a small business in Arlington that focused on home decorator items. I volunteered for many years in leadership for Women on Mission in churches where Larry served. I’ve been a Sunday morning Bible study director and teacher, a weekday Bible study leader, an ordained deacon and have been a member and officer on various church committees.

What are your favorite hobbies?
Decorating, antiquing, entertaining and hosting parties, reading, and of course grandchildren. For 16 years Larry and I hosted our own “Cousins’ Camp” for our grandchildren.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
Vermont, northwest Washington state, Colorado and our annual family trip to Seaside, Florida.

What brought you to Wilshire and when?
I was drawn to Wilshire when it began addressing full LGBT inclusion. The process was important to me because of my gay brother’s difficulty fitting into society. I wish he could have experienced a church like Wilshire.

Where are you engaged at Wilshire?
In the Compass Class.

What has surprised you about Wilshire?
I have been surprised about how welcoming Wilshire is to ALL people.

What do you think God is up to in your life?
Due to health issues I’m not able to physically handle as many things as I could a few years ago. I’m still living into how to handle my own health and limitations.

Tell us about your faith journey.
I grew up in First Baptist Church Muskogee. Like most children in Baptist churches, at the age of 9, I was baptized. By the time I was old enough to drive, I was going to church by myself, and because of a difficult home life, I found “HOME” in the church. When Larry and I married, he wasn’t a minister, but after entering our ministry life, I discovered so many things about God and myself, and over those 52 years of serving in six churches my own personal growth has been exponential.

What are your strengths, or what adjectives describe you?
Highly organized, creative, sense of humor. (Is chocolate a strength or an adjective?)