I Am Wilshire: Jim Nadalini

by | Jun 24, 2022 | I Am Wilshire

I Am Wilshire – Jim Nadalini.

Name: Jim Nadalini
Hometown: Dallas
Education: BS, US Naval Academy; MBA, University of Texas at Austin

Tell us about your family.
Shannon and I have four sons: Taubert, 27, Travis, 25, Austin, 21, and Alex, 19. We moved to Dallas in 2001 after five years in San Diego, two years in Livorno, Italy, and two years in Austin. Shannon and I were both born and raised in Dallas and attended Woodrow Wilson High School.

Tell us about your work life.
My professional path began as a naval officer on warships and teaching at the Italian Naval Academy. I went to business school and worked in strategy and finance in banking and transportation. I started my own strategy consulting practice, which led to a leadership role at HighGround Advisors. I joined Credera in 2020, and I am a management consultant.

What are your favorite hobbies?
I love to be outdoors, preferably in the mountains. I enjoy running, hiking, hunting, fishing, sailing, skiing and cooking. I especially appreciate spending time at the table with family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal together.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
Italy and Switzerland. I know Italy well, having lived there in middle school and again with Shannon and our two older boys. I especially like Florence and Zermatt.

What brought you to Wilshire and when?
Shannon and I were married here in 1992 by Bruce, George, and a priest my family knew well. We made Wilshire our church home in 2001.

Where are you engaged at Wilshire?
We are members of Avodah, but we have taught fifth grade, second grade, toddlers and the Beginnings class. I served on Pastoral Resident Tasha Gibson’s support team, and I’m serving on the Pastor Search Committee.

What has surprised you about Wilshire?
The faith journey of our congregation. We have not stayed static but have intentionally opened our eyes to see Christ in others and to welcome all who sense Christ’s presence.

Tell us about your faith journey.
I was raised Roman Catholic and was active growing up, but became disillusioned with a church that struggled to acknowledge the possibility of salvation outside of strict parameters. I sought an inclusive church. I believed the Baptists to be exclusive, but was open to trying Wilshire. I was surprised at how Wilshire accepted me, even though I didn’t become a member for several years. Wilshire met me where I was then and still meets me where I am today, which I believe is the model that reflects God’s perfect love for each of us.