How to Make a Financial Gift in Realm

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

Instructions to set up a financial gift in Realm. 

Wilshire members should log in to their Realm account before making a financial gift, but a Realm account is not required to give.
1.   a. With a Realm login: Type in a web browser. If not already signed in, click ‘Sign In’ on the screen. Make sure it says ‘Connect’ in the upper left corner and click ‘Giving’ in the left side list. To make your gift, click the blue button that says ‘+Gift’
b. Via the Realm Connect App: Sign in with your email address and password. click ‘Giving’ in the icons at the bottom of the screen. Then click ‘Make a Gift’
     c. No Realm account: Type in a web browser and click ‘Give Online’
2. Enter your gift in the ‘Amount’ Box.
3. The Fund will default to ‘Unified Budget,’ the primary fund for Wilshire’s budget. To give to a different fund, click the down arrow to choose it.
4. To divide your gift among more than one fund, click the +Another Fund button and add your amount to it.
5. If giving one time, click the ‘Give Once’ tab and choose the gift date.
6. To schedule a recurring gift, choose the ‘Give Multiple Times’ tab.
a. Choose your frequency and start date
b. The +End button allows you to choose an end date (optional). If you add an end date, you’ll get notified when your gift has ended.
7. Continue to next page.
8. Enter a payment method. If you’re logged in, you can choose a previously saved method in the dropdown or enter a new one. You can save payment methods for future use.
9. Check the next box to pay the amount stated to offset the processing costs (optional).
10. Be sure to click the blue button at the bottom right of the screen that says ‘Give (total amount).’ You will see a confirmation message once the gift has been submitted.