Fuller offers coaching as part of new role

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Feature

Charlie Fuller started this month in his new full-time role on Wilshire’s staff, director of Pathways to Ministry and coach in residence.

In addition to guiding the development of Pathways and supervising its day-to-day operations, Charlie will offer coaching services at no charge to church members and staff. A credentialed executive and personal coach, Charlie has been coaching ministers, denominational leaders and academics for over 10 years.

“Coaching is a client-centered process that can help you find clarity and focus and maximize your personal and professional potential,” Charlie said. “If you’re ever feeling stuck or caught between multiple options in life, coaching can help.”

Charlie, who served as Wilshire’s interim minister of music between the tenures of Doug Haney and Ariel Merivil, brings a wealth of education, training and experience. He has been a professor, dean, chaplain, music minister, executive pastor and transition pastor, and has served on nonprofit boards including the governing board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Charlie’s wife, Cindy, is a retired music professor and recently celebrated 50 years as a church musician. The Fullers are now living in Dallas and joined Wilshire as members. They have two daughters and four grandchildren, all of whom live in Plano.

You can learn more about Charlie’s approach to coaching at his website, charliefuller.com.