Faith-Based Media Resource List

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Faith-based media resource list
If you’d like to keep up with the latest news and updates about the issues of faith and life that matter most today, here’s a list of our ministry partners engaged in publishing everything from news and features and opinion piece to podcasts and other resources. Follow the links to learn more or subscribe — all at no cost.

Faith Commons and Good God Podcast: This is an interfaith dialogue group led by Senior Pastor George Mason in partnership with Rabbi Nancy Kasten and Imam Omar Suleiman. New content is added weekly, including a Sunday afternoon Facebook Live dialogue with the three principles and special guests. Also part of Faith Commons is the Good God Podcast, where George interviews persons of note on current events. The podcast is available in both video and audio formats. Learn more and subscribe here:

Baptist News Global: Wilshire has supported this nonprofit national news service since its inception in 1990 as Associated Baptist Press. It is now led by Wilshire’s former associate pastor, Mark Wingfield. BNG produces daily news, feature and opinion content focused on conversations about faith. You’ll recognize many of BNG’s columnists and contributors as Wilshire pastoral residency alumni. Subscribe to the daily email at the website:

Good Faith Media: This is a new organization formed by the July 1 merger of Baptist Center for Ethics and Nurturing Faith. It produces video and written commentary and faith resources, as well as curriculum. Learn more and subscribe at

BJC: A longtime ministry partner of Wilshire, BJC is more commonly known to us as Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty. Based in Washington, D.C., this nonprofit specializes in addressing First Amendment issues from the perspective of a wide Baptist community. Subscribe to Executive Director Amanda Tyler’s weekly podcast at

CBF Blog: Wilshire’s primary global partner for global missions and ministry is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Get all the latest updates delivered to your email inbox by following the CBF Blog at

Pastors for Texas Children: This faith-based advocacy group produces regular updates on the state of public education in Texas and America. Subscribe to its media output at

Fellowship Southwest: This multicultural, ecumenical network of faith communities works to improves lives and share the love of God in the Southwestern United States, from Texas to California. It is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship but works specifically in our region, especially on the border. It is led by former Baptist Standard editor, Marv Knox. Sign up to receive their newsletter and learn more at

All these organizations may be found on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through their websites.