Preparing for Worship – Aug 13

At each family dedication I present the child with their own story Bible, Growing in God’s Love. Yes, I realize the child cannot yet read. As they mature and grow, they begin to shape and understand their own story. My prayer and hope is that when they come to realize...

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I Am Wilshire – Louis Moore

Hometown: born in Houston, reared in Oklahoma City;Education: Baylor University, B.A., journalism; Southern Seminary, Louisville, M.Div.Profession: Retired journalistPresent city: Garland Tell us about your family.Kay, my wife of 54 years, is also a retired...

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Joan and David Hammons to Be Honored Aug 13

Minister to Preschoolers Joan Hammons will be honored during worship today as she retires from Wilshire’s staff. Joan’s husband, David, will also be recognized as he departs from his role on Wilshire’s video team. A reception will be held for Joan and David in James...

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