2023 giving results in surplus

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Stewardship

Thanks to strong year-end giving, Wilshire not only met its 2023 budget but exceeded it by $252,726, the church’s largest giving surplus since 2014. Our budget for 2023 was $3,850,000, and revenue totaled $3,926,388. Expenses for the year were held under budget at $3,673,662.

Senior Pastor Timothy Peoples reported on 2023 giving in an email to the church on Jan. 6. “From the bottom of my heart,” he wrote, “thank you for the ways you give your heart, talents, time and treasure as we continue to build upon the kingdom of God.”

Wilshire began December needing $967,326 to make budget and wound up receiving $1,016,690, a $338,212 increase over giving in December 2022. In 2023, 430 family units made financial contributions, up from 369 the previous year. New members and prospects gave $103,000.

In Wilshire’s Unified Budget approach, funds received over the revenue budget are applied at the discretion of the Finance Committee. More information about plans for the 2023 surplus will be shared at the Annual Church Conference on Jan. 21, as will a proposed budget for 2024.