Enriching lives through teaching music and the arts.

Wilshire Academy of Fine Arts offers lessons in piano, organ, guitar and voice, with well-qualified private instructors from Wilshire’s music staff and the community. Our teachers are experienced and collaborative, and WAFA is a safe, innovative and spiritual environment for motivated students to learn. For information about the Wilshire Academy of Fine Arts, contact Jeff Brummel.


The vision of the Wilshire Academy of Fine arts is to challenge and encourage students toward a lifetime of excellence in music and the arts.

Enrollment and Instruction

Private study is offered in piano, voice, organ, guitar, and band and orchestra instruments.  Lessons are offered in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute blocks. Lesson blocks are determined by consultation with the instructor. For organ lessons, contact the director to discuss prerequisites.

Registration & Policies

To begin the enrollment process, new students must print out and complete the registration. When a student is enrolled, he or she is committing to an entire semester of study.

Lessons & Scheduling

All lessons are taught at Wilshire Baptist Church. During the enrollment process each student will be assigned an instructor. The student or parent will then be contacted to confirm a convenient lesson time. Once a lesson time is established, it is important that the student continue through the semester with that time. Room and teacher schedules are based on availability.

Make-Up Policy

We consider your private lesson time as a standing appointment. If the teacher has to miss a lesson, it will be made up. If the student misses a lesson, prior notice is required; 24 hours notice is preferable. However, if a student wakes up ill on a lesson morning, please call the instructor directly before 9 a.m. or immediately upon sudden illness. Messages cannot always be relayed through the church office. Under these circumstances (with proper prior notice), the teacher will make up ONE lesson per student per semester. Make-ups do not rollover to subsequent semesters. 


Tuition covers all lessons, administrative expenses and salaries. Lesson books are not covered by tuition. The registration fee covers the cost for administrative supplies and recitals. A separate recital accompanist fee is charged for vocal students. The monthly rate is for the convenience of parents and is not related to the number of lessons in a particular month.

Payments are due at the first lesson of each month. Tuition checks should be made out to “Wilshire Baptist Church.” Place all checks in a labeled envelope with the student’s name into the secured drop box outside the director’s office at Room #3005.

Instrument Policy

A student should be able to practice on an instrument that facilitates progress. Piano students may begin on a keyboard, but must also have an acoustic piano or the student’s technique will not develop properly and precious instructional time will be lost. The director and the teacher will be happy to discuss options for purchasing instruments.

End of Semester Recital

It is important for students to perform in public and to hear other students perform. Therefore, each student will be required to attend all recitals and programs and should plan to remain for the entire time. Adult students are not required to perform on recitals.


Our Instructors

Jeff Brummel, piano and organ

Chuck Allred, guitar

George Gagliardi, guitar

Rebecca Simonfalvi, flute, college-prep piano