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by | May 22, 2020 | Tapestry News

Zoom chat with Julie Girards
We’re continuing Wednesday night conversations with some Wilshire ministers. This week, May 27, chat with Julie Girards, minister to children, at 6:00 p.m. The format will be an open question-and-answer session, with special attention to how Wilshire is adapting children’s ministries in this time of coronavirus isolation. The chat will happen online through Zoom. To receive information on how to connect, email jgirards@wilshirebc.org no later than 3 p.m. this Wednesday, May 27.

“This Is My Story” videos
The traditional Wednesday Bible study has shifted to our usual summer testimony series, “This Is My Story.” Each Wednesday, tune in to hear a pastoral resident interview a Wilshire member and help us understand more about that member’s faith journey. Look for the weekly videos posted on YouTube, Facebook and the Wilshire website on Wednesdays by noon and also sent out via the midweek update email from George Mason.

Good Neighbor Award
This week’s winners of Wilshire’s Good Neighbor Award are Rick Hibbs, Michele Blaker and Molly Shepard. All three have been nominated because of their ongoing efforts in making sure members of their Sunday School classes are connecting in new and meaningful ways during the pandemic. Molly hosts a virtual paint night each week for our young adult classes; Rick hosted a virtual birthday party that included hand-delivering cupcakes with candles to every member of Concordia; and Michele has worked tirelessly in organizing Epiphany’s online time of fellowship and study.

Will you keep up the Friday 5?
We know the social distancing is getting old, which makes staying in touch all the more important. All Wilshire congregants are invited to continue in an easy pastoral care project called “Friday Five.” Every Friday during the coronavirus isolation, commit to contact at least five Wilshire friends in your circle of influence to see how they’re doing. Think first of those who are not your family or closest friends but who would love to hear from you. Let’s multiply our care for each other.

Have you responded to the Census?
The United States Census Bureau has extended the deadline to participate in the 2020 Census for Dallas County because an estimated 47 percent of households have not yet participated. Every 10 years, the Census Bureau sends out an army of census takers to probe the nation for useful statistics that demonstrate how the country has changed over the past decade. Census data determines how much each state receives in federal funding for certain programs, such as transportation, health care, housing and education. It is critical that every Texan be counted. According to a George Washington University Institute of Public Policy report, for every one percent of the population that is not counted, Texas may lose $300 million in federal medical funding alone — far and away the biggest potential net loss for any state. Add to this loss some of the inevitable effects on business decisions that will involve hiring and headquartering in the state as well as projected Social Security payouts that may cause irrevocable financial troubles in years to come. If the population is accurately recorded, Texas could gain three additional Congressional seats, but if the population is undercounted, Texas will lose that additional representation since reapportionment depends on Census data. That means the Texan voice in national affairs will be significantly diminished in proportion to other states. And whenever the nation holds a presidential election, Texas will lose electoral votes due to the Census undercount.

In 2020, let’s make sure everyone is counted — because every human being counts. If your household has not yet responded to the Census, you may do so here: https://my2020census.gov.